Travelling Crayon Case

I just loved these little traveling crayon cases when I saw this tutorial.

After a bit of umming and ahhing I chose a couple of Robert Kaufman and Micheal Miller cottons to make two. A short amount of sewing later, this was the result.

There’s space for 8 crayons or pens, and a drawing pad or colouring book in the middle. Great for slipping in your bag and bringing out when the kids need to sit quietly for 5 mins. Not something that comes naturally for my two.

It was a birthday hit and has been very handy over the last month or two.



Quilted Crown

A talented cushion maker on facebook, at Ruth’s Emporium, made a nice little tutorial on making crowns, so I thought I’d have a go.

As easy as pie. My little ‘un helped chose the fabrics and loved the result. Sadly he wasn’t keen on the idea of lots of buttons for jewels! We’ve had hours or play already though.